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CBC is the developer of the Pinnacle Program. Founded in 1993, CBC is a pioneer in Executive Coaching & Development, providing world-class expertise to industry leading companies and their senior executives around the globe. Through its leading-edge proprietary process and its extensive corporate expertise, CBC guides organizations and their executives to deliver breakthrough results in today's challenging, shifting environments.

In addition to providing executive development services, CBC is a strategic partner to companies that desire objective, third-party perspective into the culture, practices, and mindset of their firm's aggregate leadership. CBC provides insight into how best-in-class organizations successfully manage growth, change and globalization from an executive perspective.

CBC's dedicated team of qualified professionals has successfully served a wide range of companies and business models - from large manufacturing corporations, to cutting-edge entrepreneurial firms, to global, multinational professional services firms.

CBC was founded in Chicago with global offices in London. Our coaches serve CBC clients around the globe. Current clientele are based in  Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, Bangalore, Amsterdam, Kiev, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, London, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


MikeKMike Kibler is the Founder and CEO of
Corporate Balance Concepts, Inc.

Based on a prescient early vision to integrate executive development and holistic peak performance coaching initiatives, Corporate Balance Concepts was founded in 1993 to serve the exclusive needs of industry-leading companies and their senior executives.

As CEO for more than two decades, Mike successfully pursued his vision of leading the enterprise through work with over a thousand executives around the world, including scores at the CEO / President / and Vice Chair Levels.



What is the Pinnacle Program?

What sets the Pinnacle Program apart?

What subjects are most often discussed with a Pinnacle Program coach?

Is all information exchanged between the coach and participant confidential?

Why bring health and family issues into the workplace?

What are the value-added benefits of the Pinnacle Program?

What's involved in the enhancement of Executive health?

Will the Pinnacle Program work in all cultures?

Specifically, how will the Pinnacle Program benefit my employees and me?


The Pinnacle Program is a holistic, one-on-one executive development process that enables leaders to sustain breakthrough performance in today's ultra-challenging business environment. It is Executive Development for the 21st Century.


It’s a work effectiveness program unlike any other because every session is tailored to address the professional needs and personal interests of your key executives. This holistic approach enables your most influential people to develop both the acumen and the resilience to power the growth of your company – as strategic leaders and compelling role models.


• Team dynamics and motivation
• Strategic prioritization
• Information overload
• Office politics
• Establishing healthy habits
• Limited control of schedules
• Self-image and confidence issues
• Poor nutrition
• Sleep deprivation
• Lack of quality family time
• Client relationships
• Interpersonal skills
• Entertaining and extensive travel


Yes. We guarantee it.


Because a valued executive is, of course, a whole person. And your executive's abilities and overall performance are fueled — and consistently influenced — by factors and circumstances which frequently fall outside the workplace.

Take, for example, a sudden change in health or at home. Either is almost certain to impact your executive’s performance, creating an understandable conflict of priorities. By teaching your executives to plan for, incorporate, manage and prioritize changes in critical life areas, they can maintain the bandwidth needed for maximum performance every day.


In addition to enhancing executive performance and leadership, our program serves as a tool to attract and retain key talent. This extra effort and attention communicates, in no uncertain terms, your company’s commitment to optimize and retain your brightest stars.


Good health is the foundation of superior performance. As such, It’s frequently the starting point for the Pinnacle Program. These tailor-made regimens help your executives establish lasting habits that enhance confidence, energy, appearance and reduce health risks.


Frankly, yes. Though we specialize in high-stress, change-oriented work environments, our highly customized process has proven successful for a wide array of business models — from multi-national professional service firms and Fortune 100 corporations to small businesses.


Upon completion of the Pinnacle Program, your executives will:

  • Be capable of achieving and sustaining higher levels of performance
  • Be committed to expanding their comfort zones to embrace new opportunities and challenges
  • Have sustainably higher energy and enthusiasm
  • Possess a greater ability to focus upon — and better implement — key plans and goals
  • Have the skills necessary to improve customer, peer and employee relationships
  • Focus on how to be better role models, mentors and managers
  • Be fully equipped to create new business building programs and initiatives
  • Have a clearer sense of personal purpose and goals
  • Enjoy improved health and reduced risk of medical problems and costs
  • Be able to recognize the subtle signs of Brownout™ and combat it.