“I began my Pinnacle Journey in 2001, and I can honestly say the program has paid dividends every year since. I don’t consider myself an alumnus of Pinnacle. I’m a lifelong student of the principles and techniques I learned years ago.”

“The challenge from the Pinnacle team was critical to helping me improve how I connect – both internally and externally.  The support has proven to be an inflection point.”


Executives today face an unprecedented set of expectations and challenges—a volatile global economy; multicultural dynamics; talent shortages; technology shifts; and the demand for round-the-clock agility. The burdens and pace of leadership have never been greater. Even the best of the best are challenged to perform consistently at their peak.

To help companies equip their leaders to thrive in this environment, CBC created the Pinnacle Program. Physically active and organizationally proactive, the Pinnacle Program provides executives with a sustainable foundation of  peak performance habits -- combined with world-class one-on-one coaching customized to the unique challenges and opportunities of each executive client.

The proven and highly pragmatic Pinnacle approach integrates powerful development tools such as 360 Feedback, Powerful Relationship Coaching and Leading for Breakthrough Results with a rigorous, customized Health and Fitness regimen that fuels energy and resilience.

Over one full year, a Pinnacle Program Coach will meet regularly, and confidentially, with key executives. Together, they address the critical issues that influence leadership performance and hone the skills needed to achieve sustained success, professionally and personally.  Only highly-valued executives are invited to participate.


  • A completely customized executive coaching experience – supported by Pinnacle’s extensive holistic coaching content and curriculum.
  • A 6 month to one year experience defined by extensive testing, benchmarking and charting of progress
  • Arranged to fit your executive’s personal calendar
  • Scheduled at your executive’s office or at a nearby location
  • Completely confidential
  • Designed to help executives take successful and sustained action on key priorities
  • Comprised of three phases


Phase one reveals essential baseline information on the existing strengths, capabilities and opportunities for executive growth:

  • Surfacing key personal and professional goals and aspirations
  • Surfacing critical company goals and expectations
  • Assessing how he or she is perceived by clients, leaders, peers, and reports
  • Determining his or her psychometric profile (MBTI/FIRO B) and natural leadership style
  • Assessing the current condition of his or her physical health


During phase two, the executive and his or her Pinnacle Coach work intensively on building a momentum of success in the following areas:

  • Personal health optimization, with emphasis on exercise, nutrition, and sleep
  • Developing an individual vision of professional and personal success – supported by a ‘living’ 5 year timeline
  • Optimizing business relationship skills to generate premium business opportunities
  • Carving out priority-focus time to reflect on critical strategic initiatives
  • Leading teams to breakthrough results through clarity, engagement and coaching
  • Leveraging one’s unique style and authenticity to become a more inspirational leader


The final phase shifts to become more participant directed.  Results include:

  • Cementing healthy and productive personal and leadership activity into lasting habits
  • Leveraging Pinnacle’s network of client relationships and experience with senior executives from around the globe
  • Becoming a positive role model in prevailing through change and adversity.
  • Keeping Promises to Self (KPS)™ with the same rigor as promises to others
  • Fostering an effective coaching and mentoring leadership style in one’s direct reports.