Connie Latson


Connie Latson is a Senior Executive Coach, and the Director of Coach Training & Development for Corporate Balance Concepts, Inc.

Connie’s lifelong commitment has been to help leaders maximize and prioritize their work excellence, health, and quality of life. She brings 25 years of professional experience as a coach, consultant, learning and change facilitator, and instructional designer, to her work with CBC.

Her broader professional experience includes leading people, projects, and initiatives across industries and countries. This includes managing an international consortium of Fortune 1000 business executives; establishing competency-based leadership solutions and implementing executive-level 360 feedback processes. She has also designed and conducted benchmarking research across Fortune 1000 companies on career development, learning strategies, blended learning, and succession planning. Connie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business through DePaul University, is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, and received her Master’s degree at DePaul in Individual and Organizational Learning, Development, and Change.

On a personal level, Connie enjoys adventure travel and activities, exploring new cultures, and enjoying the arts. She has always had a strong commitment to health, nutrition, and fitness.